Transition cable joints (1П+3Б)СПТ-10

type : (1П+3Б)СПТ-10

  • TU 3599-005-97284872-2015
  • Intended for connection of three single-core cables:
    • with XLPE insulation and copper wires screen
    • with a 3-core cable
    • with paper insulation and common lead or aluminum sheath
    • voltage 6 and 10 kV
  • Available for listed cable types: ААБл, (А)СБл, (А)СБГ, ААГ, (А)СГ, ААБв, (А)СБШв, ААШв, (А)СШв, ААБ2лШв, (А)СБ2лШв
    (А)ПвП, (А)ПвВ, (А)ПвБП, (А)ПвБВ, (А)ПвПу, (А)ПвПг, (А)ПвПуг, (А)ПвП2г, (А)ПвПу2г
  • Presence of  stress control tubes ensures the reliability of high-voltage joints, evenly distributing the electric field in the regions of the slice of semiconductive screen in the place of connection
  • Recovery system of cable screen:
    • semiconducting layer of extruded polyethylene by insulation is restored by stress control tube  with the properties of the alignment of the electric field
    • metal screen of the cable is restored by aluminum shielding tape, and flexible grounding braid
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of the protective sleeve, provides complete sealing of the joints after installation

Joint kit is universal and allows you to use cable connectors for crimping, as well as cable connectors with shear-off-head bolts 

Name Number of cable cores Voltage (kV) Cable core size (mm²)
(1П+3Б)СПТ-10-70/120(Б) 1х3 + 3 6 and 10 70/ 95/ 120
(1П+3Б)СПТ-10-150/240(Б) 1х3 + 3 6 and 10 150/ 185/ 240