Heat shrink terminations 3ПКТп-6

type : 3ПКТп-6

  • TU 3599-060-97284872-2014
  • Intended for termination of 3 cores cables:
    • with plastic insulation (PVC\XLPE)
    • with armor and without armor
    • voltage up to 6 kV
  • Available for listed cable types: (А)ВВГ-6, (А)ВБбШв-6, (А)ПвБбШв-6, as well as their analogues and modifications
  • The kit is universal and can be used for both, indoor and outdoor  application
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of the breakout and end sleeves, provides complete sealing of the termination after installation
  • Length of anti-tracking core tubes meets the requirements of GOST, for the highest degree of contamination of the surface. This allows to use the termination kit for both, indoor and outdoor installation without the use of  rain sheds
  • Heat shrink sleeve combined with sealant provides a complete seal and protection of grounding part of termination from atmospheric influences
  • For cables with armor is used not brazed grounding system. Basic kit includes roll spring and grounding insulated braid  
  • Heat-shrinkable components material is resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions
  • Termination kit is universal and allows you to use cable lugs for crimping, as well as cable lugs with shear-off-head bolts


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Name Number of cable cores Voltage (kV) Cable cores size (mm²) Application type  Cable type
without shear-off-head bolts with shear-off-head bolts
3ПКТп-6-25/50 3ПКТп-6-55/50(Б) 3 6 25 — 50 Indoor and outdoor  With armor and without armor 
3ПКТп-6-70/120 3ПКТп-6-70/120(Б) 3 6 70 — 120
3ПКТп-6-150/240 3ПКТп-6-150/240(Б) 3 6 150 — 240