Heat shrink terminations 3ПКВТп-10

type : 3ПКВТп-10

  • TU  3599-005-97284872-2015
  • Intended for termination of 3 -core cables:
    • with XLPE insulation and screen, made of copper wires
    • with armor and without armor
    • voltage – 6 and 10 kV
  • Available for listed cable types: А)ПвП, (А)ПвВ, (А)ПвБП, (А)ПвБВ, (А)ПвПу, (А)ПвПг, (А)ПвПуг, (А)ПвП2г, (А)ПвПу2г
  • Availability of  stress control tubes ensures the reliability of terminations, evenly distributing the electric field in the region of the slice of semi conductive screens
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of anti tracking tubes and breakout, provides complete sealing of the termination after installation
  • Flexible grounding braid is formed directly from copper wire screen cable and terminated by crimping of a lug. The lug for crimping grounding braid is not included to the termination kit.
  • Basic kit includes roll spring and grounding insulated braid  
  • In installation of grounding unit on cable with armor, made of steel or aluminum wires, additionally has to be used an «Earthing kit КМПБ», corresponding to the selected termination
  • Termination kit is universal and allows you to use cable lugs for crimping, as well as cable lugs with shear-off-head bolts
  • High-quality components and composite materials

Name Number of cable cores voltage (kV) Cable cores size (mm²) Cable type
without shear-off-head bolts with shear-off-head bolts
Indoor application:
3ПКВТп-10-35/50 3ПКВТп-10-35/50(Б) 3 6 and 10 35/ 50 With armor and without armor
3ПКВТп-10-70/120 3ПКВТп-10-70/120(Б) 3 6 and 10 70/ 95/ 120
3ПКВТп-10-150/240 3ПКВТп-10-150/240(Б) 3 6 and 10 150/ 185/ 240