Cable joints 3ПСТ-10

type : 3ПСТ-10

  • TU 3599-005-97284872-2015
  • Intended for connection 3-core cables :
    • with plastic insulation (PVC/XLPE)
    • with armor or without armor
    • voltage up to 6 and 10 kV
  • Available for listed cable types: (А)ПвП, (А)ПвВ, (А)ПвБП, (А)ПвБВ, (А)ПвПу, (А)ПвПг, (А)ПвПуг, (А)ПвП2г, (А)ПвПу2г
  • Presence of  stress control tubes ensures the reliability of high-voltage joints, evenly distributing the electric field in the regions of the slice of semiconductive screen in the place of connection
  • Using of dual-wall tubes, made of high electric strength material, ensures full recovery of the insulation of the cable cores
  • The screens of the cable recovered by aluminum shielding tape and ridges, formed of the shields of the cable cores
  • For cables with armor, the joint kit includes an additional flat grounding braid and roll springs
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of the protective sleeve, provides complete sealing of the joints after installation
  • Shear-off-head bolt connectors are wrapping with special sealer, that fills voids and irregularities in the places of breaking of the bolts and having the properties of alignment of the electric field
  • High-quality components and composite materials
  • In installations of earthing unit on cable with armor, made of steel or aluminum wires, additionally has to be used an «Earthing kit КМПБ», corresponding to the selected termination
  • For cable with copper tape screen should be  used «Grounding kits КМЛЭ»

Name  Number of cable cores Voltage (kV) Size of cable cores (mm²) Cable type
without shear-off-head bolts with shear-off-head bolts
3ПСТ-10-35/50 3ПСТ-10-35/50(Б) 3 6 and 10 35/ 50 With armor and without armor 
3ПСТ-10-70/120 3ПСТ-10-70/120(Б) 3 6 and 10 70/ 95/ 120
3ПСТ-10-150/240 3ПСТ-10-150/240(Б) 3 6 and 10 150/ 185/ 240