Cable joints 3ПСТ-6

type : 3ПСТ-6

  • TU 3599-005-97284872-2015
  • Intended for connection :
    • 3-core cables with plastic insulation (PVC/XLPE)
    • with armor or without armor
    • voltage up to 6 kV
  • Joints can be installed in soil, tunnels, reservoirs and other cable installations
  • Available for listed cable types: (А)ВВГ-6, (А)ВБбШв-6, (А)ПвБбШв-6, as well as their analogues and modification
  • Dual wall connective tubes with inner hot melt adhesive sublayer provides a reliable and high-quality insulation of the connection of cable cores
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of the connecting tubes and the sleeve, provides complete sealing of the joint after installation
  • For cables with armor is used not brazed grounding system. Base  kit includes roll spring for fastening the ground braid to the covers made of armored band
  • The use of completely not brazed grounding system in the joint, simplifies installation, reduces time, eliminates the possibility of thermal damage to the cable as in the case of soldering
  • The shield of the cable is recovered with aluminum foil and with a grounding braid, fixed on screen by roll spring
  • Inner and outer sleeves reliably protect, seal and reinforce joint
  • Joint kit is universal and allows you to use cable connectors for crimping, as well as cable connectors with shear-off-head bolts


Name  Number of cable cores Voltage (kV) Size of cable cores (mm²) Cable type
without shear-off-head bolts With shear-off-head bolts
3ПСТ-6-25/50 3ПСТ-6-25/50(Б) 3 6 25/ 35/ 50 With armor and without armor 
3ПСТ-6-70/120 3ПСТ-6-70/120(Б) 3 6 70/ 95/ 120
3ПСТ-6-150/240 3ПСТ-6-150/240(Б) 3 6 150/ 185/ 240