Сable joints 3СТпР-10

type : 3СТпР-10

  • Designed for connection of 3-core cables:
    • with paper insulation
    • with and without armorning
    • with alum or lead sheath
    • for voltage of 6 и 10 kV
  • Can be inmstalled without additional cable insertion at the place of break
  • One cable joint (instead of traditionally used two) saves money and time
  • Dual-wall insulating tubes are made of special brick-red material, that performs outstanding electrical strength
  • Hot-melt adhesive ensures reliable insulation and sealing 
  • Special paste fills interphase space and avoids air inside joints
  • Oil-resistant sealing provide leak-proof sealing and facilitates alignment of the electric field
  • Installation of site-grpunding is made by a combined method. Basic equipment includes roll springs and flexible grounding braid. Fastening of the armored covers is completed by soldering.
  • It is recommended to use a kit for grounding 
  • Usage oif roll-springs ensure quick and easy installation without a risk of paper insulation damage (as it happens with refractory solder A)
  • Recommended installation tools: propane torch ПГ (КВТ), kit for shearing off НБМ-6 (КВТ)

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Name  packaging cable type bolt in the kit cable core cross sections (mm²)
3СТпР-10-25/50(Б) internal+ external with-w/o armoring yes 25/ 35/ 50
3СТпР-10-70/120(Б internal+external with-w/o armoring yes 70/ 120
3СТпР-10-150/240(Б internal+external with-w/o armoring yes 150/ 240