Cable joints 1ПCТ(б)-1 FR-LS

type : 1ПCТ(б)-1 FR-LS

  • Intended for leak proof connection of cables and wires:
    • with armor
    • with plastic insulation (PVC\XLPE)
    • voltage up to 1 kV
  • The kit consists of a connector with an angular position of shear-off-head bolts and heat shrink sleeve with an adhesive layer
  • Applicable for any type of conductors: round and sector, mono core and stranded
  • Each set is multi dimensional and is designed for extended range of cable sizes
  • The mounting on core is made by tightening bolts with shear-off-heads. The bolt heads are breaking at a fixed point, providing optimal mechanical and electrical properties of the contact connection
  • Heat shrinkable tube with adhesive layer and with shrink ratio 4:1 ensures complete sealing and insulation of joints
  • The eccentric hole for the cable core in the body of connector
  • The materials of heat-shrinkable components of the termination kits, are resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions
  • While shrinking the adhesive layer is melted, and fills all the irregularities and provides leak proof connections
  • Recommended for equipping repair-emergency services

Name Number of cable cores  Voltage (kV) size (mm²)
1ПCТ(б)-1-10/25(Б) нг-LS 1 1 10/ 16/ 25
1ПCТ-1(б)-25/50(Б) нг-LS 1 1 25/ 35/ 50
1ПCТ-1(б)-70/120(Б) нг-LS 1 1 70/ 95/ 120
1ПCТ-1(б)-150/240(Б) нг-LS 1 1 150/ 185/ 240
1ПCТ-1(б)-300/400(Б) нг-LS 1 1 300/ 400