Cable joints 1РСТ-1

type : 1РCТ-1

  • TU 3599-006-97284872-2006
  • Intended for connection of cables with rubber insulation up to 1kV
  • Available for listed cable types: single core cables: КГ, КОГ, КПГ and their equivalents and modifications
  • Sizes in the name of the joint kit indicates the range of the phase cores of the cable
  • Insulating sleeves provide reliable and high-quality insulation of the connection of cable cores
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of the core tubes, and sleeves provides complete sealing of joints after installation
  • Sleeve protects, seals, and in combination with additional banding -reinforces joints 
  • Oscillations and vibrations arising in the process of operation of the joints, compensates special waterproofing sealant, winded on the edges of connecting ferrule