Cable terminations 4КВНТп-1 FR-LS

type : 4КВНТп-1 FR-LS

  • TU 3599-006-97284872-2006
  • Intended for termination of 4-core cables:
    • paper or plastic insulation cables
    • with armor or without armor cables
    • cables with voltage up to 1kV
  • Available for listed cable types: ААБл, (А)СБл, (А)СБГ, ААГ, (А)СГ, ААБв, (А)СБШв, ААШв, (А)СШв, ААБ2лШв, (А)СБ2лШв, ААШнг-1, СБШнг-1
  • The set is universal and can be used for installation of terminations on outdoor applications , as well as on indoor applications
  • The materials of heat-shrinkable components of the termination kits, are resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions
  • Earthing is made by the combined method. Basic kit includes the roll spring, used for fastening the earth wire to the metal shell. Fastening on the covers from armored band is made by soldering
  • In installations of earthing unit on cable with armor, made of steel or aluminum wires, additionally has to be used an «Earthing kit КМПБ», corresponding to the selected termination
  • Roll spring ensures quick and reliable installation of the erarthing wire to the metal shell. The use of the spring eliminates the potential risk of thermal damage to the paper insulation, under aluminium shell,  in the case of soldering with  use of a refractory solder "A"
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of medium dual wall sleeve, breakout and end sleeves, provides complete sealing of the termination after installation
  • Termination kit is universal and allows you to use cable lugs for crimping, as well as cable lugs with shear-off-head bolts
  • High-quality components and composite materials

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Name Number of cable cores


Type of application Cable cores size (mm²)
Without shear-off-head bolts lugs With shear-off-head bolts lugs
4КВНТп-1-25/50 нг-LS 4КВНТп-1-25/50(Б) нг-LS 4 1 Indoor and outdoor 25/ 35/ 50
4КВНТп-1-70/120 нг-LS 4КВНТп-1-70/120(Б) нг-LS 4 1 70/ 95/ 120
4КВНТп-1-150/240 нг-LS 4КВНТп-1-150/240(Б) нг-LS 4 1 150/ 185/ 240