Heat shrink branch joints 5ПТО-1 (КВТ)

type : 5ПТО-1

  • Intended for branching of  5-core cables:
    • with plastic insulation (PVC/XLPE)
    • with armor and without armor
    • voltage up to 1 kV
  • Available for listed cable types: (А)ВБбШв, (А)ПвБбШв, (А)ПвБбШп, (А)ВБВ, (А)ВВБ, (А)ВВБГ, (А)ПвКШв, (А)ПвКШп, (А)ВВГ, (А)ПвВГ, NYM, NYY
  • A branch from the main cable is made by using insulation piercing clamp ЗПО «КВТ» . For the installation of branches does not require stripping of insulation on the main and branch cables
  • Filling the internal space between the cores by special paste provides additional leak proof sealing and smoothes the sharp changes in the geometric shape of  joints after installation
  • Restoration of the cable sheath is carried out using heat shrinkable repair sleeve ТРМ «КВТ» with a metal lock and a special coating- temperature-sensitive paint on outer surface
  • Temperature-sensitive paint applied to the outer surface of the sleeve, under the temperature while shrinkage, changes its color from green to black
  • Hot melt adhesive on the inner surface of sleeve ensures a complete sealing of the joint after installation
  • Sealing of the branch cable from the joint is carried out using КТ «КВТ»  clips with hot melt glue
  • For the main cables with armor is used not brazed grounding system. Basic kit includes roll springs and grounding flexible braids
  • Recommended tool for installation: “KBT” brand portable gas torch - ПГ (КВТ)

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Name Number of cable cores Voltage (kV) Cable size (mm²)
Main cable Branch cable
5ПТО-1-16/50-1.5/6 5 1 16/ 25/ 35/ 50 1.5/ 2.5/ 4/ 6
5ПТО-1-50/95-4/35 5 1 50/ 70/ 95 4/ 6/ 10/ 35
5ПТО-1-95/150-35/95 5 1 95/ 120/ 150 35/ 50/ 70