Terminations for control cables with plastic insulation up to 1kV , indoor installation - KKT

type : ККТ

  • TU 3599-061-97284872-2014
  • Intended for termination of control cables:
    • PVC  insulation
    • with armor or without armor cables
    • cables with voltage up to 1kV
  • Available for listed cable types: КВВГ, КВВГЭ, КВВГнг, КВВГнг-LS, АКВВГ, КВББШВ, КВВБ
  • The construction of kits is universal and designed for all types of cables, depending on their diameter
  • Kits for outer application ККТ-НУ additionally equipped with insulation heat shrink tubing on request
  • Termination kit is designed for indoor installation
  • Hot melt adhesive provides complete sealing of termination after installation
  • For cables with armor is used not brazed earthing system. Termination base kit includes 1 roll spring and insulated conductor for connection to the ground buses
  • The materials of heat-shrinkable components of the termination kits, are resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions