Heat shrink joints МВПТ for water resistant cables

type : МВПТ

  • TU 3599-062-97284872-2014
  • Intended for connection of copper water resistant cables:
    • with plastic insulation
    • for voltage up to 400 V
  • Available for listed cable types: ККВ, КВПВ and other
  • Kits are universal and can be used for 3-4-cores water resistant cables, cross-sections range from 1.5 to 6.0 mm2
  • The kit has two paths of integrity, which presented by an adhesive heat shrinkable tubes for the insulation of the connections and the common recovery tube for cable sheath
  • Heat shrink tubes with inner hot-melt adhesive layer provide - good insulation and leak proof connections
  • Recovery tubes for cable sheath are resistant to UV rays and weather conditions