Sealing kit

type : КГ


  • The sealing kit is designed for the implementation of additional sealing on outer sheath of a single cable or cable bundles while connection, branching or repair of the cable, without the use of KBT HS kits, as well as additional sealing while installing heat shrink repair sleeves ТРМ and ТРМ(А) or dual-wall heat-shrinkable sleeves ТТВ
  • Package includes: 4 plates of sealant 190х45х3 mm
  • Sealant is made on the basis of polymeric binder (butyl rubber and/or isobutylene), mineral fillers and special additives
  • Sealant provides reliable hydro-air insulation
  • The sealant has high resistance to UV radiation, weather and climatic conditions
  • Made of special anti-tracking material
  • Remains working properties in a wide temperature range. Temperature range is from -60 to +80 °C