Heat shrinkable insulators kits

type : КТИ

TU 2291-044-97284872-2011

  • Designed for increasing the creepage distance and providing guaranteed dry zones on the surface of termination kits while outdoor installation
  • Kits allows to modify hs kits for indoor installation to kits for outer installation
  • The kit:
  • 3 anti-tracking heat shrink rain sheds insulators
  • For termination kits, 3-core cables with oil impregnated paper and plastic insulation and single core cross-linked polyethylene cables for voltage up to 35 kV
  • Shape and size of rain sheds provide guaranteed dry areas of insulation on the surface of termination kits, for preventing tracking
  • The application of the system- core rain shed insulators in termination kits for outdoor installation, significantly increases the length of the path of current leakage
  • Insulators are made of special anti-tracking material, resistant to weather and climatic conditions, aging and UV radiation
  • Internal surface of heat shrinkable insulators is coated with hot melt adhesive layer, which provides structural strength after shrinkage


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Name Dimensions (mm) Number of insulators  in a kit HS kit type
d (before shrinkage) d (after shrinkage) h H D
КТИ-№1 35.0 14.5 20.0 70.0 100.0 3

3КВТп-10-25/50, 3КВТп-10-70/120, 3КВТп-10-150/240, 3КВТп-10-25/50(Б), 3КВТп-10-70/120(Б), 3КВТп-10-150/240(Б), 3КНТп-10-25/50, 3КНТп-10-70/120, 3КНТп-10-150/240, 3КНТп-10-25/50(Б), 3КНТп-10-70/120(Б), 3КНТп-10-150/240(Б), 3ПКВТп-10-35/50, 3ПКВТп-10-70/120, 3ПКВТп-10-35/50(Б), 3ПКВТп-10-70/120(Б), 3ПКНТп-10-35/50, 3ПКНТп-10-70/120, 3ПКНТп-10-35/50(Б), 3ПКНТп-10-70/120(Б), 1ПКВТ-10-70/120, 1ПКВТ-10-70/120(Б), 1ПКНТ-10-70/120, 1ПКНТ-10-70/120(Б)

КТИ-№2 45.0 22.5 20.0 70.0 110.0 3  3ПКВТп-10-150/240; 3ПКНТп-10-150/240; 1ПКВТ-10-150/240; 1ПКНТ-10-150/240 (for kit including 3 HS kits ); 1ПКВТ-10-300/400; 1ПКНТ-10-300/400 (for kit including 3 HS kits)
КТИ-№3 60.0 25.5 35.0 55.0 130.0 3  1ПКВТ-10-500/630; 1ПКНТ-10-500/630 (for kit including 3 HS kits)