Heat shrink cable end caps

type : ОГТ

  • Designed for sealing and protection of cables during storage, transportation and cables laying
  • On the inner surface of the cap applied a layer of hot melt adhesive, which provides complete sealing of the ends of the cable after shrinkage
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Wide range of shrinkage
  • Usage of cable caps allows significant savings in the pre-preparation of the cable. The installation of cables with paper insulation can begin immediately after removing the end cap, without checking the paper insulation for moisture
  • Increase productivity with high culture of production
  • Heat shrinkable cable and caps can be used as a sealing end caps for steel and plastic pipes
  • Compliance with international standards for the storage and transportation of cable

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Dimensions (mm) Recommended cable diameter (mm) Packing (pcs)
before shrinkage after shrinkage min max
ОГТ-11/4   11 4 5 10 100
ОГТ-20/8   20 8 10 18 100
ОГТ-40/15   40 15 18 36 50
ОГТ-55/25   55 25 30 50 50
ОГТ-75/30   75 30 35 70 25
ОГТ-100/40   100 40 48 90 25
ОГТ-120/55   120 55 60 110 25


Heat shrink end caps are designed to protect and seal cable ends during storage, transportation and cables laying. Shrink end caps are universal and can be applied to all types of available cables with plastic, paper oil impregnated and rubber insulation.

“KBT” factory produces cable end caps ОГТ from a special selected composite material on the basis of Eva (Ethylene vinyl acetate). This gives “KBT” end caps several superior qualities, compared with most of the analogues on the Russian market.

Most often, heat shrink cable end caps are made of cheap types of polyethylene and for this reason, it have a significant percentage of marriage. On average, the experience of installation, for every 5 mounted plastic caps, there is one cracked or broken in the process of shrinking.

Thus, the actual cost of analogues from defective raw materials is higher than the purchase prices for about 20%.

Soft and supple to the touch, heat shrinkable “KBT” end caps  are characterized by high mechanical strength, resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, cable oil and weather conditions.

On the inner surface of the end caps ОГТ applied a layer of hot melt adhesive. After installation, and shrinking the cap, the molten adhesive composition hardens and completely seals the end of the cable. Cable end caps prevent moisture from the outside and leakage of the oil impregnating composition from the inside of the cable (if the installation is performed on a cable with paper insulation).

The layer has excellent adhesion to all plastic materials, of which the sheath and insulation of cables is made. Protrusion of the adhesive layer after melting (while shrinkage), confirms the high quality of sealing. Heat shrinkable “KBT” end caps have an increased shrink ratio 2.5:1 and cover a wide range of cable cross sections and diameters.

“KBT” end caps have a range of sizes, from miniature -11/4 to an impressive size -120/55, capable of sealing the end of any modern power cable.

High quality and reliability of heat-shrinkable “KBT” end caps is confirmed by the fact, that the leading cable factories in Russia use this product, produced by “KBT” factory for 15 years.

The scope of cable end caps ОГТ “KBT” is not limited to just electricity. Due to its characteristics and the presence of the adhesive layer, it can be used for sealing metallic and plastic pipes.