Heat shrinkable breakouts does not support combustion

type : ТПИнг

ТУ 2291-044-97284872-2011

  • Designed for sealing and isolation of the roots of stranded power cables cutting, with oil impregnated paper insulation, plastic and rubber insulation
  • Material: polyolefin, does not support combustion
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Full protection against moisture inside the cable
  • Inner surface of the body and fingers of breakouts coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive, which ensures the sealing of the root cutting after shrinkage
  • Hot melt adhesive has good adhesion to all surfaces and retains its elasticity even at low temperatures
  • Working voltage: 1 kV
  • Color: black
  • Recommended for use in heat-shrinkable cable kits with index "нг" (FR)

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Name Dimensions (mm) Quantity of “fingers” in breakout The range of cable sizes (mm²)
D D1 L d d1
3ТПИнг-25/50   50.0 24.5 190.0 22.5 8.5 3 25-50
3ТПИнг-70/120   60.0 31.5 220.0 30.0 14.5 3 70-120
3ТПИнг-150/240   68.0 38.0 200.0 36.5 18.0 3 150-240
4ТПИнг-25/50   50.0 19.2 175.0 20 5.3 4 25-50
4ТПИнг-70/120   67.0 26.0 185.0 28 7.2 4 70-120
4ТПИнг-150/240   72.0 34.0 180.0 30 10 4 150-240
5ТПИнг-25/50   50.0 23.0 155.0 18 5 5 25-50
5ТПИнг-70/120   63.0 32.0 155.0 22 10.5 5 70-120
5ТПИнг-150/240   90.0 47.0 155.0 32.5 18 5 150-240

Heat shrink breakouts are designed to insulate, seal and protect root of cable cutting, while installing cable heat shrinkable kits.

Heat shrink breakouts ТПИнг are versatile and can be used for all types of multicore cables with plastic, oil impregnated paper and rubber insulation for voltage up to 1 kV.

The only significant difference of breakouts  ТПИнг from the standard line insulating breakouts ТПИ «КВТ»- the presence in their structure of special additives- flame retardants, that do not support combustion.

Used in the polymer composition suppressors of burning have no toxicity and preserve the environmental friendliness of the product. Breakouts ТПИнг included in “KBT” heat shrinkable cable kits , does not support combustion and are recommended for use on cables with index "нг" (FR) and "нг - LS"(FR LS).

Cable breakouts are a key element, the "heart" of any heat-shrinkable cable kit. In many ways, it is the quality of the production of heat-shrinkable breakout, which determines the level and status of the manufacturer.

Breakouts are one of the most technologically complex elements in the production. Most of the companies on the Russian market, offering heat shrinkable kits under its own brand, in fact, buy cable breakouts from other manufacturers or use imported components of dubious quality. Against this backdrop, stands “KBT” electrotechnical factory with his full production cycle of all elements of heat shrinkable cable kits.

Cable breakouts ТПИнг “KBT” presents a full lineup for the 3 -, 4- and 5-cores cables. Color: black. Sizes of  heat shrink “KBT” breakouts before and after shrinkage are designed in such a way, that they coincide with ranges of multi-dimensional heat shrinkable “KBT” kits, spanning 3 successive sections of the cable (e.g., 25-35-50 or 70-95-120 or 150-185-240 mm2)

Aside from the suppression of burning, cable breakouts ТПИнг “KBT” have good insulating quality, high mechanical strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, corrosive cable oil and weather conditions.

Inner surface of fingers and body of heat-shrinkable breakouts ТПИнг has hot melt adhesive layer. After installation, the molten adhesive composition hardens and seals the root of cable cutting.

Cable breakouts prevent moisture from the outside and leakage of the oil composition from the inside of the cable (if the installation of breakout is made for cable with paper insulation).

The layer has excellent adhesion to all materials used in the manufacture of cables, including polymeric sheath cables, the layers of metal screens and armor straps. Protrusion of the adhesive layer after melting guarantees the high quality of sealing.

Packing of all types of “KBT” heat shrink breakouts is unified. Each type and size implemented in sets of 10pcs.