Heat shrinkable repair sleeves

type : ТРМ

  • Designed for restoring damaged membranes and cable insulation and leak-proof protection/insulation of contact connections
  • Modern alternative to heat shrink sleeves and tubes
  • Fivefold and fourfold shrinkage ratio
  • Sleeves have the form of a plate with rails on the edges for sliding metal lock
  • Thermo-indicating paint is applied to the outer surface of the sleeve, while heating it changes color from green to black
  • Resistant to UV rays and all weather conditions
  • Hot melt layer on the inner surface of the sleeve, provides adhesion to all materials and guarantees a complete sealing of the damaged section
  • Unlike heat-shrinkable tubes and sleeves, repair sleeves can be mounted on any place of the cable, without cutting or disassembly of contact connections
  • Size and manufacturer logo marked on each sleeve with permanent paint
  • Quick and easy installation without disconnecting lines
  • Sleeves and metal locks can be cut into segments of desired length at the installation site
  • Due to special structure, hot melt adhesive retains its elasticity even at low temperatures
  • While shrinkage steel lock maintains flexibility and follows the shape of the contact connection

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Elongation at break point

not less than 300%

Shrinking temperature

120 °С

Operating temperature

-55 °C to +110 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 14MPa

Electric durability

at least 15 kV/mm

Operating voltage

1 kV

Specific volume electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm




Name The range of shrinkage (mm) Length (mm) Packing (pcs) The presence of a thermal indication paint
D max D min
ТРМ 43/8-1200   43 8 1000 1 +
ТРМ 55/12-1200   55 12 1000 1 +
ТРМ 75/15-1200   75 15 1000 1 +
ТРМ 100/25-1200   100 25 1000 1 +
ТРМ 135/35-1200   135 35 1000 1 +
ТРМ 164/42-1200   164 42 1000 1 +
ТРМ 200/50-1200   200 50 1000 1 +

Heat shrinkable repair sleeves are used as the outer protective sleeves for junction kits or joints, providing isolation and recovery of the damaged cable sheath, as well as sealing for protection and insulation of the contact connections.

Repair sleeves ТРМ and ТРМ-А are represented as the two-layer plates with rails on the edges for connection with sliding metal lock in the shape of a pipe.

Thermal indicator paint is applied on the protective insulating outer layer. This paint changes its color and becomes black while exposing to high temperatures during installation.

Across the inner surface of the heat-shrinkable sleeve applied thick layer of hot melt adhesive, which retains its elasticity at low temperatures. During installation the adhesive melts and fills all the irregularities.

Excellent adhesion to almost all materials and surfaces can reliably seal the desired section of the cable, with any type of insulation. Repair sleeves ТРМ and ТРМ-А have increased four - and fivefold shrinkage ratio and allows installation in areas with large levels differences.

Repair sleeves material repair is resistant to UV radiation impact, aggressive environment, weather conditions and temperature extremes.

The main difference and advantage of ТРМ-А in comparison to ТРМ- is reinforcement, made of fiberglass over the entire area of the sleeves. Reinforced heat-shrinkable “KBT” sleeves are far exceeding any other sleeves and tubes for mechanical strength, resistance to vibration, abrasion and shear deformations.

Special form of metal lock, made of stainless steel, coupled with rails on the edges of sleeves allows not only to cut sleeves into the required segments, but also increase its diameters (ТРМ or ТРМ-А can be cut and the edge of one sleeve connected with the edge of the other by special lock, forming the sleeve of larger diameter).

Heat shrinkable “KBT” repair sleeves are a modern convenient alternative to heat shrink sleeves and tubes of medium and large diameters and can be mounted on any section of cable without the need of dismantling or cutting.

To ensure complete tightness in junction kits, in addition to ТРМ and ТРМ-А sleeves – clips KT can be used (desired size). The bracket holds the walls of the sleeve, and a thick layer of hot melt adhesive, while heating, completely fills the space between the inside walls, main and branch cables.

Repair sleeves ТРМ and ТРМ-А are represented in a wide range of sizes - from 43/8 mm to 200/50 mm, which allows to choose the most suitable option in each case. All TRM sleeves are produced by 1.2 meter length and TRM-And – 1.5 meter.