Heat shrink seals for cable passages

type : УКПт

ТУ 2291-050-97284872-2012

  • Designed for sealing asbestos cement, plastic and steel pipes used as cable entries into buildings, underground passages and cable passages under the road surface
  • Package includes:
    • heat shrinkable sleeve with an adhesive layer
    • sealant kit
    • herringbone tape
  • Advanced shrink ratio: 3.5:1 to 4:1
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Due to the presence of mastic sealants, УКПТ kits can be used for single and for group laying of cable
  • All inner surfaces of heat shrinkable sleeves are coated with hot melt adhesive layer
  • The adhesive layer is melting while shrinkage and fills all the irregularities and provides full tightness of connections


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Name The range of shrinkage (mm) Length (mm)

Wall thickness

after shrinkage (mm)
Packing (pcs.)
D max D min
УКПт-130/28   130 28 300 5.0 1
УКПт-175/50   175 50 300 3.5 1
УКПт-200/55   200 55 380 3.5 1
УКПт-225/60   225 60 380 3.7 1


Heat shrink seals are convenient and optimum decision for sealing and preventing the ingress of dirt inside the cable passages, used for the institution of the cables through the structural elements of buildings, as well as the cable passages under the road surface.

The kit includes heat-shrinkable sleeve with adhesive, sealant kit and bandage (herringbone) tape.

The sleeve, used in УКПт has expanded shrinkage factor, which varies depending on the size, from 3.5:1 to 4.5:1. Its elasticity ensures a tight fit, even with a large difference in diameter between the pipe entry and cable.

Whole inner surface of the sleeve is covered with adhesive layer, made of a special composition of polymers on the basis of Eva. This adhesive has excellent adhesion to asbestos cement, plastic and steel pipes (which are often used as cable glands) and maintains its properties at low temperatures.

Sleeve material is resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions.

In a situation when a group cabling is made through a single cable gland, there is provided: sealant kit and herringbone tape to turn the bundle of wires in a solid sealed structure, in place of installation of the sleeve, after mounting of a heat shrinkable seal.

“KBT” factory seals range consists of 4 standard sizes (УКПт -130/28, 175/50, 200/55 and 225/60), which cover almost all the existing diameters of pipes used as cable glands.