Hydraulic single-acting crimper with output of 60 Tons

model : ПГ-60 Tons

  • For crimping accessories of Al and Steel-AL wires in HV lines of 110-500 kV
  • Dies with round hexagonal profile are available upon request
  • Output: 60 T
  • Ram stroke: 30 mm
  • The head opens with a single turn of the upper cover
  • Antibacklash positioning of dies
  • Two steel handles and a metal rope for hanging and carrying
  • Tool weight: 22.00 kg
  • Tool sizes: 335x165 mm
  • Packaged in a steel case
  • Case sizes: 420x370x200 mm
  • Compatible with any Hydraulic pumps made by KBT with the oil tank volume no less than 0.8 l

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Dies type size of round dies  D(mm) size of hex dies H(mm)
for alum clamps from А-15 to А-59 from МШ-15.0-А to МШ-50.2-А
for steel clamps from С-15 to С-43 from МШ-16.5-С to МШ-36.4-С