Cable lifting jack

model : ДК-3ГП


  • Used for lifting and holding of heavy cable wheel while unwinding. Can be also used as feeding device while cable installation
  • Design description:
    • Length: 1700 mm
    • Diameter: 40 mm
    • The frame is equipped with wheels for easy trasnportation
    • The lifting of the wheel is done by hydraulic power of two jacks. Max. weight of the wheel is 3 Tons
    • Special holes on the frames let to adjust the height to the cable coil diameter
    • Bearing units ensure less rotating resistance
    • The axle is made of heavy wall tube and equipped with stopper that prevent shifting of the wheel along the axle.
    • The basements have special hole for additional fixation
    • Compact and easy to transport
    • Lifting capacity: 3 Ton\force
    • Cable coils: from №6 to №18 
    • Frame sizes: 1085 х 385 х 500 mm
    • Frame weight: 2 х 28 kg 
    • Axle weight: 12,5 kg 
    • Weight: 69 kg