Braided polyester fish tape with interchangeable terminals

type : PET-1-4.7

  • Material: special composition of polyester
  • Color: orange
  • Terminals’ type: changeable brass threaded terminals M5
  • Innovative fish tape of new generation with inherent advantages compared to professional fiberglass rods
  • Unique combination of high flexibility and positive pushing force
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High tensile strength
  • High tensile strength and durable fixation of the terminal on the tape
  • High flexibility with minimal risk of break
  • Quick installation due to easy penetration through filled conduits
  • Dielectric properties of PP and fiberglass guarantee safe fishing in conduits under voltage

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Name material diameter (mm) length (m) tensile strength (kg) packaging
PET-1-4.7/10 Fortisflex polyester 4.7 10 350 coil
PET-1-4.7/15 Fortisflex polyester 4.7 15 350 coil
PET-1-4.7/20 Fortisflex polyester 4.7 20 350 coil
PET-1-4.7/30 Fortisflex polyester 4.7 30 350 coil
PET-1-4.7/50 Fortisflex polyester 4.7 50 350