Polymer coated steel fish tape with interchangeable terminals

type : STP-4.0-K

  • Material: steel in a PP coating
  • Tape color: red
  • Terminals’ type: changeable brass threaded terminals M5
  • Flat steel core facilitates penetration though filled pipes and conduits
  • Better penetration through curved conduits with no break risk
  • Less friction and additional corrosion resistance due to PP coating
  • Easy changeable threaded flexible guide spinners and eyelets
  • Dielectric properties of PP guarantee safe fishing in pipes and conduits under voltage

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Name material diameter (mm) length (m) tensile strength (kg) packaging
STP-4.0/20К Fortisflex coated steel 4 20 200 winder case ∅ 305 mm
STP-4.0/30К Fortisflex coated steel 4 30 200 winder case ∅ 305 mm