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Set НШВИ (GLW) №6

Set of end sleeves НШВИ (GLW) № 6

type : НШВИ (GLW) №6

  • The box is made of durable ABS plastic
  • Special GLW slide boxes. Transparent lid of the box consists of 5 independent  modules- sliding windows, which provides fast access to each partition and does not allow mixing of the end sleeves
  • Each set contains a range of the most popular types and sizes of end sleeves
  • Transparent plastic for visual control of the content
  • Insulating cuffs color of  GLW sleeves strictly correspond DIN 46228 part 4
  • For easy identification, the sets have different colors:
  • Set with single end sleeves – red case;
  • Set with double end sleeves – grey case;
  • Package size: mm 165x58x38

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Content of the set 

НШВИ №6 (Slidebox)

Color Cross section mm² Quantity (pcs)
НШВИ 0.5–8(GLW)   0.5 50
НШВИ 0.75–8(GLW)   0.75 100
НШВИ 1.0–8(GLW)   1.0 100
НШВИ 1.5–8(GLW)   1.5 100
НШВИ 2.5–8(GLW)   2.5 50

400 pcs.