Extension kits

type : КУ

ТU 3599-006-9784872-2011

  • Designed to extend length of "KBT" hs kits for connecting to large devices, due to increaseing of length of cable cutting
  • The kit:
  • 3 anti-tracking heat shrinkable tubes with a length - 600 mm
  • Resistant to the phenomenon of tracking and erosion
  • Resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions
  • The use of elongation sets КУ additionally increases the path length of current leakage and can be recommended for outdoor installation without additional insulators
  • The maximum possible extension of the dimensions of a standard HS kit is 550 mm. If necessary to increase the length for more than 550 mm, it is possible to use one more kit
  • The set is universal and can be used for termination kits for both, internal and external installation
  • One set can be used for elongation of HS kits on different types of cables and various ranges of sections

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Name   HS kit type
КУ №1   3КВТп-10-25/50, 3КНТп-10-25/50
КУ №2   3ПКВТп-10-35/50, 3ПКНТп-10-35/50, 3КВТп-10-70/120, 3КНТп-10-70/120
КУ №3   3ПКВТп-10-70/120, 3ПКНТп-10-70/120, 3КВТп-10-150/240, 3КНТп-10-150/240
КУ №4   3ПКВТп-10-150/240, 3ПКНТп-10-150/240