Heat shrink tubes for insulation of busbars with voltage up to 35 kV

type : ТТШ-35

ТУ 2291-049-97284872-2012

  • Designed for insulation of copper and aluminum busbars- for electrical substations and switchgear cabinets. Can be used for exterior installations
  • Shrink ratio: 2.5:1
  • Operating voltage: 35 kV
  • Material: polyolefin, halogen free «HF»
  • Analogues: BPTM (Raychem); BBI (3M)
  • Resistant to the phenomenon of tracking and UV radiation
  • High dielectric strength
  • Color: brick red
  • The use of tubes ТТШ allows shortening the distance between phase busbars and significantly reducing the dimensions of the device
  • Protects electrical busbars against chemical corrosion
  • Protects equipment from short circuits in case of contact of electrical devices with animals and birds
  • While mounting on busbar, which fits two sizes of tubes, choose the larger one




Elongation at break point

not less than 400%

Shrinking temperature

120 °С

Operating temperature

-55 °C to +125 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 15 MPa

Electric durability

at least 25 kV/mm

Operating voltage

Up to 35 kV

Specific volume electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm

The size of gaps between busbars and panel of the device


Rated voltage (kV) Busbars with an air gap ТТШ-10 ТТШ-35
Phase-to-phase A (mm) Phase-Earth B (mm) Phase-to-phase A (mm)) Phase-Earth B (mm) Phase-to-phase A (mm) Phase-Earth B (mm)
Round busbars
10  130  120   55   65  30  40
20  200  180  95  95  60  90
35  320  290  150  150  100  160
Rectangular busbars
10  130  120  65  75  35  45
20  200  180  115  150  70  100
35  320  290  200  285  140  190


The dimensions given in the table are for reference purposes only and cannot be used in the design and manufacture of electrical equipment without proper testing

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Name Mounted busbar width (mm) Tube diameter (mm) Wall thickness after shrinkage (mm) Packing (roll, m)
D before shrinkage not less than


After shrinkage not more than
ТТШ-35-25/10   20 25.0 10.0 3.7 10
ТТШ-35-40/16    30-40 40.0 16.0 3.7 10
ТТШ-35-50/20   40-50 50.0 20.0 3.7 10
ТТШ-35-65/25    50-60 65.0 25.0 3.7 10
ТТШ-35-100/40    80-100 100.0 40.0 3.7 10
ТТШ-35-150/60    120-150 150.0 60.0 3.7 10


Heat shrink tubes ТТШ-35 - specialized high-voltage dual-walled tube with shrink ratio 2.5: 1, without the suppression of combustion, designed to isolate the copper and aluminum busbars of electric substations and cabinets with operating voltage up to 35 kV inclusive. The thickness of the tubes ТТШ-35 is almost 2 times thicker than tubes ТТШ-10, which ensures a higher voltage breakdown.

Unique feature of the tubes ТТШ “KBT”- is a high dielectric strength, anti-tracking properties, UV resistance and exceptional flexibility and elasticity.

For the production of heat shrinkable tube ТТШ is used polyolefin composition- halogen-free (index "HF"), which makes it non-toxic and harmless to humans.

ТТШ tubes can be used for both, indoor and outdoor application. The use of tubes ТТШ for insulation of busbars on electrical substations and inside board devices can significantly reduce the distance "phase-phase" and "phase-earth", as well as significantly reduce the dimensions of the switchboard of the substation. In addition, the busbar insulation provides reliable protection from short circuits due to contact of the live busbar with foreign objects or animals.

Wide operating temperature range eliminates the possibility of electro-thermal breakdown and provides reliable isolation for a period up to 25 years.

Heat shrink tube ТТШ-35 “KBT” is packed in a convenient mini rolls by 10 meters. Practical packing involves cutting to the required length at the place of installation, minimizes waste and reduces costs.

An extended range represented in sizes: from 25/10 to 150/60mm. All sizes of tubes, ТТШ-35 has flat shape.

“KBT” factory is the first manufacturer in Russia, represented line of high-voltage anti-tracking tubes ТТШ.

For many years tube ТТШ-35 “KBT”  is successfully used as the analog high-voltage tubes- BPTM (Raychem) and BBI (3M) for installation of panel equipment and electric substations with voltage up to 35kV and has established itself as a reliable and great quality product.