Anti-tracking heat shrink tubes with shrink ratio 3:1

type : ТСТ-А

(ТУ 2247-011-79523310-2006)

  • Designed for the insulation of power cables and its junctions, copper and aluminum busbars at substations and panel-mounted devices, operating under the voltage - 35 kV
  • Shrink ratio: 3:1
  • Material: anti-tracking heat shrinkable polyolefin composition
  • Color: brick red
  • Packing: 1meter cuts
  • These tubes are resistant to the phenomenon of tracking, to UV rays and extreme weather and climatic conditions
  • Tubes have high mechanical strength. The thickness of the tubes ТСТ-А more than 2.5 times greater than the thickness of tubes ТУТ of a similar size


Elongation at break point

not less than 400%

Shrinking temperature

115-140 °С

Operating temperature

-55 °C to +125 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 15 MPa

Electric durability

at least 20 kV/mm

Operating voltage

35 kV

Specific volume electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm

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Name D (not less) D (not more)

Wall thickness after

shrinkage, T (mm)
The optimal range of shrinkage (mm)

The number of tubes in the kit, pcs.

Weight of the set, kg
ТСТ-А-24/8-1000   24.0 8.0 1.8 20 - 9 10 0.7
ТСТ-А-30/10-1000   30.0 10.0 2.1 25 - 12 10 0.8
ТСТ-А-44/14-1000   44.0 14.0 2.5 40 - 16 10 1.4
ТСТ-А-55/18-1000   55.0 18.0 2.9 50 - 20 5 0.9

Anti-tracking heat shrink tubes ТСТ-А - new development of the “KBT” factory. These tubes have a shrink ratio - 3:1 for insulation of the cable conductors and busbars in the panel devices and also for assembling termination and joint heat shrinkable cable kits, for voltage up to 10kV.

For the production of dual-walled heat-shrink tubes TCT (KBT) used a particular composition of the polyolefin, which gives the tube anti-tracking properties and typical brick-red color.

Anti-tracking tubes ТСТ-A are resistant to UV rays, to aggressive influence of cable oils and successfully used not only for cables with plastic, but with paper oil impregnated insulation cables as well.

Typical feature of these heat shrinkable tubes, manufactured by “KBT” factory - is calibrated uniform thickness of the walls.

In addition to the excellent dielectric properties of the material, the thickness of heat-shrink tubes TCT, more than 2.5 times thicker than similar tube ТУТ нг. With such high rate, TCT tubes have high strength and resistance to mechanical stress.

Due to the increased shrink ratio ( up to 3:1) of tubes TCT – it can cover several sizes of cables (e.g., 25-35-50mm2 or 150-185-240 mm2) and can be used for assembly of multi dimensional heat shrinkable cable kits.

ТСТ-А tubes (KBT) are supplied by 1 m. cutting-10 pieces in a pack. The range of represented sizes is most optimal size range - from 24/8 to 55/18mm.

Anti-tracking tubes ТСТ-А (KBT) are widely used not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the Customs Union, for assembling heat shrinkable cable kits.