Heat shrink tubes for marking with shrink ratio 2:1

type : ТТ-Мнг

(ТУ 2247-011-79523310-2006)

  • Designed for marking wires and cables, as well as for insulation and corrosion protection of connections
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Material: polyolefin, does not support combustion
  • Color: yellow (white color tube on a special request)
  • Specially prepared surface ensures reliable marking by thermal transfer printer
  • Packing: roll
  • Installation tool: “KBT” portable butane gas torch, high temperature airgunТТ-1800 (КВТ)

Elongation at break point

not less than 300%

Shrinking temperature

90-120 °С

Operating temperature

-55 °C to +125 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 15 MPa

Electric durability

at least 15 kV/mm

Operating voltage

Up to 690 V

Specific volume electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm



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Name Dimensions (mm) The optimal range of shrinkage (mm) Packing Adhesive layer
D (not less) D (not more) T(after shrinkage)
ТТ-М нг (2:1)-4/2   4.0 2.0 0.5 3.6 - 2.4 roll: 200m Without glue
ТТ-М нг (2:1)-6/3   6.0 3.0 0.5 5.4 - 3.6 roll: 100m Without glue
ТТ-М нг (2:1)-10/5   10.0 5.0 0.6 9.0 - 6.0 roll: 100m Without glue
ТТ-М нг (2:1)-12/6   12.0 6.0 0.6 10.8 - 7.2 roll: 100m Without glue

Marking tubes ТТ-М нг – “KBT” factory new development. Heat shrink tubes ТТ-М нг have a shrink ratio - 2:1, do not support combustion and are designed for marking of wires and cables.

Tube ТТ-М нг  is designed to mount on modern self-extinguishing wires and cables with index "нг" and "нг LS". Specially treated surface provides high-quality marking by thermal transfer printing.

“KBT” factory produces marking tubes ТТ-М нг, made from polyolefin compositions, with addition of retarding combustion substances. This composition provides self extinguishing property (index, "нг") while absence of direct impact of flame on the surface of the tubes.

Heat shrink tubes for marking ТТ-М нг (KBT) supplied in rolls and are perfectly suited for industrial applications, suggesting cutting to the required sizes, at the time of applying marking by thermal printers. Sizes range from 4/2 to 12/6mm. Tubes of small dimensions (up to 6/3mm -including) have round shape, and  tubes with  diameter from 10/5 and 12/6mm have flat shape.

According to international standards, color of marking ТТ-М нг tubes- is yellow. On a request, it is possible to produce white color ТТ-М нг tubes.