Small gas solderer

model : XZ-2 mini

  • Recommended to be used in confined places with no access to electrical power
  • Piezoelectric system
  • To be used with butane for lighters
  • Горелка (паяльник) поставляется в не заправленном состоянии. Газ приобретается отдельно
  • Three modes: solderer, gas torch and heat gun
  • Temperature of the tip in soldering mode: max. 350 °С
  • Flame temperature in the torch mode: 1300 °С
  • Temperature in heat gun mode: 550 °С
  • Children safety button
  • Tanlk volume: 12 ml
  • Time of work: 60 min
  • Packed in plastic case
  • Weight: 60 g