Nylon insulated flat pin terminals НШПИ(н)

type : НШПИ(н)

• Designed for termination by crimping stranded flexible copper wires and subsequent mounting to the terminals of electric equipment

• Narrow flat shape of the contact part of the terminal provides the ability of connection to modern electrical devices with restricted settings of the input clamps

• Contact part of terminal is made according to DIN 46230

• Insulation material: self-extinguishing nylon. Halogen-free

• Temperature resistant of insulation: 105 °C

• Terminal material: copper, grade M1

• Terminal plating: electrolytic tinning

• Max voltage: 690 V

• Design features:


  • "Easy Entry" implementation: vinyl cuff formed in the shape of a funnel to facilitate the installation of stranded copper wires
  •  Not welded butt connection on  pipe contact part of the terminals
  •  transverse notches provided on the inner surface of the tubular part of terminals to increase the mechanical strength of the connection with core

• Crimping -on top of the insulating cuff

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