T-shape insulated branch connectors in nylon case ОВ-Т

type : ОВ-Т

By TU 3424-036-97284872-2006

• Designed to perform quick-release T-shaped branches from mono-core and stranded copper wires

• Body material: nylon

• Halogen-free

• Temperature resistance of insulation: 105 °C

• Contact parts material: brass, grade L63

• Contact parts plating: electrolytic tinning

• Does not require stripping of insulation. While snap-on of the body of connector - contact plate pierces insulation on the mainline

• Branching is performed by means of insulated flat connector РПИ-П(н) with the corresponding case color

• Male connector in nylon case have to be ordered separately

• Nylon casing provides full insulation and mechanical protection of the designated branches

• Color marking makes identification of the sizes much easier in the process of installation