Nylon insulated female flag type connectors

type : РФИ-М(н)

By TU 3424-001-59861269-2004

• Designed for the formation of quick release insulated stranded copper wires connections with terminal outputs of electrical equipment of male type

• Insulation material: self-extinguishing nylon. Halogen-free

• Temperature resistance of insulation: 105 °C

• Connector material: brass, grade L63

• Connector plating: electrolytic tinning

• Maximum voltage: 400 V

• Design features:

  • Full insulation design
  • "Easy Entry" type: one-piece nylon housing has a conical narrowing, which provides easy entry of stranded copper conductors
  • transverse notches on the inner surface of the tubular part of the terminal enhance the mechanical strength of the connection with cores

• Nylon casing provides full insulation and mechanical protection of the plug connection

• Connectors are made with a turn of 90° relative to the line of wiring and can be used for mounting in confined spaces

• Complementary to outputs of male type, on the terminals of electrical devices

•  Crimping of conductor on top of the insulating case

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