Insulated butt connectors in heat shrinkable case ГСИ-Т

type : ГСИ-Т

TU 3424-001-59861269-2004

• Designed for splicing of copper wires by crimping method

• Insulation material: cross-linked polyethylene. Halogen-free

• Temperature resistance of insulation: 105 °C

• Material of the connector: copper, grade M1

• Connector plating: electrolytic tinning

• Maximum voltage: 690 V

• Design features:

  • The connector is made of seamless copper tube
  • The lock cutting, which is located in the center of the sleeve, determines the depth of entry of the wires into the connector
  • Chamfering at the edges of the connector facilitates the insertion of a wire
  • Heat shrinkable tube with adhesive layer provides complete sealing and corrosion protection of the contact connection after shrinkage

• Translucent body allows you to control the depth of entry of wires

• Within the specified range it is possible to make connection of wires in a line with different cross-sections or to make the installation of a branch

• Crimping on top of the insulating case

  • Key parameters
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Name Cross section (mm²) Current , А Dimensions (mm)
L L₁ d₁ S
ГСИ-Т 1.5   0.5–1.5 19 36.0 15.0 1.7 0.8
ГСИ-Т 2.5   1.5–2.5 27 36.0 15.0 2.3 0.8
ГСИ-Т 6.0   4.0–6.0 48 41.0 15.0 3.4 1.0