Connector blocks in polymer case КСМ

type : КСМ

By  TU   3449-068-97284872-2015

  • Designed for connection multi-core cables and wires by screw fixing
  • They can be used in cast resin kits or heat- shrinkable kits, for cables with plastic and rubber insulation for voltage up to 1 kV
  • Included in a set :
    • polymer case
    • 5 screw connectors
    • Hex  key wrench
  • Power connectors require installation of both copper and aluminum cables with extruded or stranded cores
  • Operating voltage: up to 1 kV
  • Case material: PBT, does not support combustion
  • Connector material: brass, grade LS58-2
  • Connector surface: nickel
  • Screw material: steel
  • Products equipped with screws with internal hex key hole
  • Blocks are multi-dimensional and cover a wide range of cross-sections
  • No special tools required for installation

  • Key parameters
Name Nominal cross section (mm2) Dimensions (mm)
КСМ 1.5-6 (КВТ)


30.0 30.0 31.5 31.5
КСМ 6-25 (КВТ) 6.0-25.0 50.0 42.0 43.5 45.0