Repair kits for leak proof wire connection СОТК

type : СОТК

By  TU  3599-062-97284872-2014

  • Designed for the leak proof connection of copper wires
  •  Each kit consists of the ferrule for crimping and a transparent heat-shrinkable sleeve with an adhesive layer
  • These kits are multi- dimensional and are intended for extended range of cross sections of copper wires
  •  Tubes material: polyolefin
  •  Ferrule material:  copper, grade M1
  •  Ferrule surface: tin-bismuth tinning
  •  In the center of the ferrules located locking partition, which determines the length of stripping of insulation and depth of entry of copper strands
  •  Heat-shrinkable tubing installs on top of the crimped connection
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing with an adhesive sub layer and shrinkage ratio of 3: 1 provide a complete seal ( leak proof connection ) and exclusion of the compounds
  •  Transparent tubes ensure correct centering of heat-shrinkable sleeve relative to the ferrule and a complete visual inspection of contact joints after shrinkage

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Name Nominal cross section (mm²) Ferrule length (mm) Length of heat-shrinkable tube (mm) Per pack (sets)
СОТК-0.25/1.5 0.25-1.5 15 30 25
СОТК-1.0/2.5 1.0-2.5 15 30 25
СОТК-2.5/6.0 2.5-6.0 15 30 25
СОТК-6.0/10.0 6.0-10.0 20 40 25