Safety shoes

model : Active Basic

  • Safety shoes designed for a working environment with a risk of damage to feet 
  • Special metal toes for protection of feet from damage up to 200 kJ
  • Special double-layer outer sole made of polyurethane with extra amortization of the heel 
  • Light-reflecting elements on frontal and back sides
  • Made of natural and synthetic materials by standards BS EN 203-45 по ГОСТ 28507-99, ГОСТ Р 12.4.187-97
  • The upper part is made of genuine leather with protection from moisture and oils 
  • The inner side of the shoe is made of 3D net that protects the foot from overheating and malodor 
  • Insole with anti-bacterial treatment. Could foam technology for extra softness 
  • Comfort in wearing up to 12 hours
  • Working temperature: from 0 up to +30 °С
  • Sizes: 37/38/39/40/41/42/43/44/45/46
  • Weight: 1.20 kg (for the size 42)
  • Packed in a carton box
  • Box sizes: 615х440х320 mm

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Active Basic, size 37 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 38 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 39 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 40 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 41 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 42 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 43 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 44 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 45 (КВТ)
Active Basic, size 46 (КВТ)