High temperature PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) heat shrink tubes with shrink ratio 2:1

type : ТТ-150

  • Designed for insulation and corrosion protection of electrical connectors, harness assemblies, and piping in chemically aggressive media, high mechanical loads, and high temperatures
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) -does not support combustion
  • Color: black
  • Recommended for use in high temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Resistant to fuels and lubricants, most inorganic and organic acids, alcohols, solvents, gasoline, and aviation kerosene
  • High resistance to abrasion and cuts
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Ideal for use in the aerospace and military industry
  • High-temperature shrinkage due to the composite structure of PTFE and stiffness compared to traditional heat shrink tubes
  • After full shrinkage, forms a strong reinforcing casing with a minimum wall thickness of the tube
  • Packing: in cutting by 1.22 m
  • Installation tool: “KBT” portable butane gas torch, high-temperature airgun ТТ-1800 (КВТ)

Elongation at breakpoint no less than 300%
Shrinking temperature 125–150 °C
Operating temperature оfrom -55 °C up to+150 °C
Tensile strength no less than  25 МPa
Electric durability no less than  30 kV/mm
Operating voltage up to 1000 V
Specific volume electrical resistance 1013 Оhm*сm

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Name D(mm) (no less than) d(mm) (no less than) T(mm) (after shrinkage) Оptimal shrinkage ratio (mm) Adhesive layer Supplied in cuts
ТТ-150-2.4/1.2 2.4 1.2 0.25 2.1 - 1.5 no 1.22 m
ТТ-150-4.8/2.4  4.8 2.4 0.25 4.3 - 2.9 no 1.22 m
ТТ-150-6.4/3.2 6.4 3.2 0.30 5.7 - 3.8 no 1.22 m
ТТ-150-9.5/4.8 9.5 4.8 0.30 8.6 - 5.8 no 1.22 m
ТТ-150-12.7/6.4 12.7 6.4 0.30 11.4 - 7.8 no 1.22 m

High-temperature heat shrink tubes TT-150 with shrink ratio 2:1 are made of a special mix of PTFE. They are designed for the protection of the insulation of electrical connections. The perfect combination of qualities: mechanically and dielectrically stable, flame retardant, resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals. The tubes are resistant to abrasion, cuttings, and other mechanical stresses. Special molecular formula PVDF. The tubes with similar qualities are known as Kynar, Deray KY 150, and others. The tubes have a wide operating temperature range from -55°С up to +150°С. After shrinkage, the tube creates a hard armoring structure, keeps transparency that lets the user control the quality of electrical connection. Ideal for long-term anti-vandal protection of marking tags installed on cables that are used in harsh environments. They are recommended to be used together with FR cables that are an important part of structures in aerospace, chemical, and military industries. The black tubes are supplied in cuts of 1.22 m (10 pcs in one pack). The sizes range is from 2.4/1.2 to 12.7/6.5 mm