Stainless steel buckles made of AISI 201

type : БМ (201)

Designed to fix stainless steel straps on poles when working with ABC
Made of stainless steel AISI 201
Resistant to corrosion, extreme temperatures, humidity, and radiation
High mechanical stability due to slid drop-forged design
After installation the ears should be bent with a hammer
Recommended installation tools: hammer, ИН-20, ИНТу-20, ИНТ-20 mini

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Name, color L(mm)





БМ (201) Fortisflex

24 12 3.6  1.5 20.3

Stainless steel buckles БМ-20 are more expensive than stainless steel brackets СМ-20? Does it worth to pay more?

Brackets and buckles are used for the fixation of steel band on different bearings. But still, they are designed for different purposes. Brackets are designed for fixation of the band on intermediate bearings, buckles- on anchor bearings. The thickness of buckles is more than the thickness of brackets. Moreover, buckles have special teeth for better and more reliable fixation. So every time before you calculate the cost, you should be aware of the load you deal with.