Coated releasable stainless steel cable ties AISI 316

type : СКБ-П (316)

  • Used for bundling and fixation in arduous conditions, high physical stress, vibration, radiation, humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Coating: powder polymer coating
  • Operating temperature: from -50°C till +150°C
  • Seawater and chemical resistant. Recommended for usage in marine climate
  • Eliminates contact corrosion between dissimilar materials and provides additional long lasting protection from corrosion
  • Flexibility and plasticity in subzero weather
  • The clamp is fully-molded
  • Low profile (height of the lock)
  • Non magnetical steel
  • Multiple application
  • Additional pinhole for hook tensioning
  • Apply by hand or with installation tooling: TG-02, tensioning hook and hammer

AISI 316 is stainless steel with high assay of nikel and molibdenum, that makes it highly corrosion-resistant in most harsh environments. Molibdenum makes this grade of steel resistant to pitting corrosion in chloride environment, sea water, as well as in suphuric, phosphoric, boric, formic, ethanoic, ethanediodic and lactic acids.

Due to outstanding corrosion-resistance and perfect mechanical charecteristics AISI 316 is used in:

- shipbuilding and transportation;

- oil-producing and oil-processing industry;

- mining industry;

- production of storage tanks for corrosive fluids;

- production of equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries

- building and other structures in corrosible environments

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Name, color tie type L(mm) S(mm) b(mm)

quantity in one pack (pcs)

max. wrap Ø (mm)

min. tensile strength (N)

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х250 Fortisflex


250.0 0.5 9.6 100 65 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х350Fortisflex


350.0 0.5 9.6 100 97 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х450 Fortisflex


450.0 0.5 9.6  100 129 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х550 Fortisflex


550.0 0.5 9.6  100 161 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х650 Fortisflex


650.0 0.5 9.6  100 192 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х750 Fortisflex


750.0 0.5 9.6  100 224 800

СКБ-П (316) 9.6х900 Fortisflex


900.0 0.5 9.6  100 272 800

Stainless steel releasable cable ties СКБ (316) are cable ties made from AISI 316 stainless steel, with additional polymer coating. These ties are equipped with whole-cast buckle that allow the tie to be unfastened for re-use.  Additional ears can be bent back over the fastened tie; the ties can be easily unfastened by hand without any additional instrument. The locking feature lets to make a double wrap that helps to increase the tensile strength.

Polymer coating creates an additional insulation layer that prevents contact between dissimilar materials and as a result ensures long life for fastening units. Keeping all the advantages of AISI 316, СКБ-П (316) demonstrate resistance to corrosion as they have additional protective coating. Operating temperature is reduced to 150°C due to the presence of polymer coating.

Cable ties made from stainless steel AISI 316 are resistant to aggressive chemical environments, to all weather conditions, radiation, vibration, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Stainless steel AISI 316 is an improved grade of stainless steel AISI 304 with a higher percentage of nickel and molybdenum. In contrast with AISI 304, AISI 316 performs outstanding resistance to corrosion, perfect mechanical characteristics and heat resistance. Stainless steel AISI 316 is frequently referred to as “marine grade stainless steel” for its exclusive resistance to corrosion. This grade is stable in chlorine environments, resistant to mist of several acids including sulfuric and phosphoric acid. It is also resistant to seawater, pitting and crevice corrosion. Items made from stainless steel 316 are recommended for all applications in any arduous conditions and at objects with high reliability and longevity requirements.

“Fortisflex” cable ties are produced in Kaluga town at “KBT” factory. The manufacturer operates in accordance with ISO9001 quality management standard. All products are certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and are allowed to be used in ships and floating structures in Russia. High quality materials and reliability of locking feature make stainless steel cable ties of trademark “Fortisflex” to be premium on the market.

The length of releasable stainless steel ties СКБ-П (316) vary from 250 mm till 900 mm. The recommended tool for installation is TG-02; the end of the band is cut in manual regime. There is a pinhole on the end of the band for effective tensioning with the help of a specific tensioning hook.

Cable ties СКБ-П (316) are ideal for application in marine climate, on ships, floating platforms and buildings of port infrastructure, in underground utility systems and tunnels, in chemical industry and at objects with high fire safety and construction stability requirements.