Professional 3-postion fiberglass stripper

model : FOS-01

  • Uncoating capacity up to Ø 900\250\125 micro-m without cable fraying or nicking
  • Step-by-step stripping outer sheath from the cable:
  • Outer jacket Ø1.6-3 mm till optic fiber buffer Ø900 micro-m
  • Optic fiber buffer Ø 900 till Ø 250 mm
  • Ø250 mm to fiberglass Ø125 mm
  • V-shape precise sharpened edges with laser marking
  • Calibrated at the factory
  • Adjustment screw for hand settings
  • For fiberglass only
  • Return spring, handles can be blocked
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Length: 150 mm