ProductsScrew wire nut connectors

model: set “Assorted set СИЗ-К”


Set of insulated screw wire nut connectors with wings

model : “Assorted set СИЗ-К”

  • Due to fold out bottom of the packing, it can be installed on the shelves
  • Transparent packing design allows visual control of the content
  • Each size of connector СИЗ-К  has color-coded case for easy identification
  • Most popular sizes in balanced amounts
  • Perfect packing for supermarkets and shops 

  • Key parameters
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content of the set  Case color  Cross section (mm²) Quantity (pcs.)
СИЗ-К-6 yellow 1.5-9.5 20
СИЗ-К-7 beige 1.5-16.0 30
СИЗ-К-8 red 4.0-16.0 10


Name  Type Cross sections Total quantity in the set 
“Assorted set СИЗ-К” СИЗ-К 1.5-16.0 60