Set of insulated screw wire nut connectors

model : СИЗ

  • The box is made of durable plastic
  • Translucent box allows the visual control of content. Color coding facilitates selection of the desired size
  • 6 compartments with five fixed partitions
  • Mounting loop for hanging the box on the evrostend or wall
  • Most popular sizes in balanced amounts
  • Dimensions of box: 210x110x30 mm
  • Weight: 245 g

Content of the set  СИЗ Color Cross section (mm²) Quantity
СИЗ-1   1.0-3.0 40 pcs.
СИЗ-2   1.0-4.5 40 pcs.
СИЗ-3   1.5-6.0 50 pcs.
СИЗ-4   1.5-9.5 15 pcs.
СИЗ-5   4.0-13.0 10 pcs.