Anchoring clamp for self-supporting system

model : ЗАН-4


  • Can be used for anchoring of 2 or 4 insulated cables
  • Made of galvanized steel and polymer with fiberglass
  • Resistant to hazardous environmental and UV-weather conditions
  • Even load distribution on cable's insulation
  • Bolt head: 14 mm
  • Weight: 0.19 kg

  • Key parameters
  • Recommended with
КВТ analogue Сcross section min (mm²) cross section  max (mm²) length (мм) width (mm) heigt (mm) breaking load (kN)
ЗАН-4 GUKp-4 (Tyco) 4x16 4x25 175.0 40.0 85.0 10