We develop, produce and provide leading, tested and reliable energy solutions to our customers. There are more than 16000 m2 of production and warehouse areas on the KBT factory. We have all departments and services, which are required for modern production.

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КВТ electrotechnical factory is one of the leading Russian enterprises, engaged in development and production of wide range of cable accessories such as cable lugs and connectors, heat-shrinkable terminations, joints and tubes, electrical tools and other products for cables.

КВТ factory was founded in 1999. Thanks for many years of succesful work, from a small workshop for cable lugs' and connectors' manufacturing we made modern diversified enterprise with more than 16000 m2 of production and warehouse areas, approximately 350 employees and more than 300 pieces of industrial equipment. The range of products includes over 4000 items. The range of KBT industrial equipment is constantly enlarged with new types of high-tech machines.

KBT production quality is ensured by quality management system, innovative technologies, production culture and employee engagement.

Factory's quality management system fully complies with the international requirements of ISO 9001.

KBT factory annually participates in various electrotechnical exhibitions, international forums, holds seminars and practical trainings on KBT products, supports research and development projects on introduction of new products.

Video's worth a thousand words!

What can we suggest to our customers?

We offer wide product range.

We take responsibility for every single KBT product.

We do a fair amount of work to make European quality products at a good prices.

We're always here for you, eager to provide technical support and counselling.

One of the major achievements of KBT factory is product development according to our own standards and today we can offer production made under Russian, European and KBT standards.

Where to buy?

Due to a combination of advantageous price conditions and reliability of KBT products, the number of our clients is constantly growing. We receive a lot of such questions as: “How much does it cost?” and “Where can we buy your production?”

Dear customers! For further information on the possibility of purchasing and prices, please contact us.

По вопросам реализации планов импортозамещения и сотрудничества: +7(4842) 92-63-86 доб.107 или

При обращении обязательно укажите ИНН компании.

Вы ищете отечественного производителя для реализации программ импортозамещения?

Ждем ваших предложений и заявок по телефону +7(4842) 92-63-86 доб.107 или на почту .

При обращении обязательно укажите ИНН компании.

Мы предоставляем готовые решения в области электротехники для различных отраслей промышленности, транспорта, строительства и энергетики.

При использовании продукции завода КВТ вы решаете комплексные задачи монтажа, подключения, ремонта и обслуживания:

  • Проводниковых, воздушных линий и кабельных трасс
  • Кабельных линий до 35 кВ
  • Щитового оборудования

Наше предприятие более 20 лет развивает производство кабельной арматуры, электромонтажного инструмента, изоляционных материалов и средств прокладки кабельных систем.