Pliers for crimping of insulated twin end sleeves 2х0.5-2х6 mm²

model : CTB-06

  • Designed for crimping of insulated twin end sleeves
  • Cross sections of wires: 2х0.5/2x0.75/2x1.0/2x1.5/2x2.5/2x4/2x6 mm²
  • Seven-position die
  • Crimping profile: trapezoidal
  • Triple-hinged lever mechanism
  • Frame: 3-mm high grade steel
  • Extended handles for work with both hands
  • Ratchet mechanism ensures complete and reliable crimping
  • Ratchet relief lever
  • 30% less effort in work
  • No-slip TPR handles
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Perfect ergonomical proportions
  • Black oxide coating
  • Weight: 620 g
  • Length: 260 mm

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Name KBT die example used for cross sections range crimping profile
СТВ-06 (КВТ)

crimping of twin

end sleeves

2х0.5-2х6 mm2