CTF Crimping pliers with a set of dies

model : set CTF

  • Set contains:
    • Crimping pliers CTF
    • Hex key
    • Spare screws for fixation of dies
    • Durable plastic case
    • Set of 5 exchangeable dies
      • Insulated terminals: НКИ, НВИ, НШКИ, НШПИ, РПИ, РППИ-М, РШИ, РПИ-О, ГСИ
        Сross-sections range: 0.5–6.0 mm²
        3-position die
        Oval asymmetric crimping profile
      • End sleeves: НШВИ, НШВ
        Сross-sections range: 0.25–6.0 mm²
        8-position die
        Профиль обжима:трапециевидный
      • End sleeves: НШВИ, НШВ
        Сross-sections range: 6–16 mm²
        3-position die
        Trapezoidal crimping profile
      • Non-insulated disconnectors (automobile)
        Сross-sections range: 0.5–6.0 mm²
        3-position die
        Roll crimping profile
      • Non-insulated copper terminals
        Сross-sections range: 0.5–10 mm²
        4-position die
        Indent crimping profile
  • Пресс-клещи CTF несовместимы с матрицами МПК (КВТ)
  • High-quality crimping due to complete parallel closure of dies
  • Developed ratchet mechanism. 30% less effort.
  • Ratchet mechanism ensures complete and reliable crimping
  • Pressure adjustment for crimping force control
  • Handles’ block
  • Weight of the kit\tool: 1.10\0.50 kg
  • Length: 215 mm
  • Case sizes: 285x155x50 mm


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KBT Die example used for cross sections range crimping

crimping of terminals and connectors


0.5-6.0 mm2

oval asymmetric

crimping of end sleeves 0.25-6.0 mm2


crimping of end sleeves 6-16 mm2


crimping of disconnectors 0.5-6.0 mm2


crimping of copper ferrules

0.5-10 mm2