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set НШВИ №2

The set of end sleeves

type : НШВИ №2

• The box is made of shockproof plastic

• Rotating cover with infeed hole for end sleeves ensures the quick selection of the desired size

• Each set contains a range of the most popular types and sizes of end sleeves

 • Movable lid has bumpers and can be used in the process of installation as a work surface for the temporary storage of end sleeves. While slight inclination, the end sleeves easily return to the needed compartment

• Transparent plastic allows visual control of the content. Color-coded insulating cuffs provided for easy identification and selection of the necessary size

• Due to its compact size, the set fits easily in a pocket or bag of the worker

• Plastic box can perform the function of the organizer for any tiny details

• The special design allows putting the boxes on one another, compactly organizing your workspace

• Dimensions: diameter — 90 mm, height- 40 mm

• Weight: 85 g

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set НШВИ №2
content of the set 
Color Cross section Quantity (pcs)
mm² AWG
НШВИ(2) 0.5–8   2x0.5 2x20 50
НШВИ(2) 0.75–8   2x0.75 2x18 50
НШВИ(2) 1.0–8   2x1.0 2x17 50
НШВИ(2) 1.5–8   2x1.5 2x16 50
НШВИ(2) 2.5–10   2x2.5 2x14 50
Total: 250pcs.