High voltage heat shrink tubes

High voltage heat shrink tubes- are specialized medium-wall and dual-wall tubes with a shrink ratio 2.5: 1, used for the insulation of copper and aluminum busbars at electrical substations and switchgears with an operating voltage of up to 35kV inclusive, as well as as wire insulation of HS cable kits terminals for outdoor application with voltage - 6 kV and above.

The main distinctive features of these heat shrink tubes- are increased dielectric strength and pronounced anti-tracking properties of the material.

All anti-tracking «KBT» high-voltage tubes have brick-red color, in accordance with the accepted international color classification.

 "KBT" factory- is one of few domestic producers of HS cable kits (joints and terminations), which has developed own composition of polyolefins with anti- tracking properties and has its own laboratory to monitor specified parameters.

In addition to resistance to the phenomenon of tracking and erosion, high-voltage “KBT” tubes have excellent resistance to UV radiation, weather conditions, as well as exceptional flexibility and elasticity.



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